What If You Knew What People Do in Heaven?


There is still enough confusion regarding the concepts of heaven and hell. Although John Milton’s popular epic ‘The Paradise Lost’ (1667) has given the world a picture of heaven and hell and how different it is living in hell from heaven, many controversies remain. Is it a state of mind? Are all the beliefs regarding the afterlife myths?

Moving from literary concepts to common beliefs, people love to believe that their loved ones have left for the heavenly abode to lead a peaceful afterlife. Wouldn’t it have been great if you were able to ask them What do you do in heaven?

What is living there like? Especially when religious books like the holy ‘Bible,’ the ‘Bhagavad Gita,’ or the ‘Quran’ speak a lot about sins and good deeds, heaven and hell, it is self-evident to have beliefs regarding the afterlife.

Common Beliefs

Whenever there is a context of heaven in books or movies, it is often represented as somewhere between the clouds, the loved ones who left their earthly pleasures becoming angels with wings and a halo. Are these beliefs true?

No person on earth can travel to the afterlife and return to the world with their experiences; hence, it is impossible to say if there is any place like this.

People have a lot of beliefs, and one such idea that has been carried on for centuries is that good deeds take them there. The more good deeds one can manage in life, the more the assurance of reaching heaven’s door.

No matter how childish these concepts may sound, there is peace of mind associated with it. There is another reason the idea of the afterlife has evolved; morality; it was intended to stop people from committing sins and encourage them to do good. Such references can be profusely found in the holy ‘Bible.’

Do People Go There after Death?

Although there is no solid proof that a person goes to this place after death, can you deny the sayings of religious books? If you are a follower of Christianity, can you deny the death and Resurrection of Jesus? People who follow Christianity, Hinduism, and other religions have beliefs regarding the afterlife or rebirth. Death is necessary to reach that heavenly abode; perhaps, it is where people can finally meet God.

Can Fellows Know What People Do There?

What if you asked the dear one whom you have lost recently, what do you do in heaven? One thing people living there don’t do is worry about jobs and deadlines. Jokes apart, people worldwide have different beliefs regarding what their loved ones do there. But they have one thing in common, the idea that they are happy and safe.

They perhaps live in a world entirely different from earth, where there is no suffering, chaos, or sadness; instead, it must be a place full of happiness and peace. Some people believe that their loved ones live amidst those clouds and are always keeping a watch on them, protecting and blessing them.

Final Words

You may hold on to the beliefs you have gained from the tales told by your grandparents or stick to what the religious books say about the afterlife and rebirth. It is entirely your choice and your imagination. If you like to imagine that your loved ones are happy and pain-free, then so be it. There is nothing wrong with having such beliefs; hence, this beautiful place is just a ‘state of mind,’ as rightly said by Milton.

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