What is the Secret to Losing Belly Fat?

the secret to losing belly fat

Many are unhappy when they don’t see results immediately. Many people try this for a couple of weeks and are disappointed when it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, you will have to hear the truth. It is impossible to lose weight by focusing on just one area of your body. The stomach is not an exception. We have more good news. You’ll get our best tips here to help you achieve success. Shape classics will be your companions on the road to achieving your weight-loss goal.

It’s dangerous not to lose belly fat

While it’s wonderful that you are finally trying to lose your abdominal fat, a flatter stomach will not only look better, but be healthier. The fat that is found in the other areas of your body lies just under the surface (subcutaneous) but the visceral (under the muscle and organs) fat can be found on your stomach.

It’s precisely the organ fat which is dangerous. The risk of diabetes and heart disease is increased. There is also good news. The organ fat in the body is broken down relatively fast.

You can use these two guidelines to determine whether or not you have excessive belly fat. They will depend also on your height, age, and weight, but are a general guide.

The circumference of the abdomen in men is too large if it exceeds 94 cm. The abdominal circumference for women over 80 centimeters is considered too large.

A little tip: If your goals are ambitious and you want to achieve a six-pack, measuring your body fat will tell you how close you come to achieving them. To see a six-pack, men need a body fat of between 13-16%. It’s slightly higher for women at an average of 19 to 22 %. Here’s the perfect post for those who want to learn how to accurately calculate their body fat.

Important nutrition tips

The right diet plays a crucial role in losing weight around the abdomen. How should the perfect diet look? Three diet tips will help you to achieve your goals.

Maintain a calorie deficit

To lose belly fat, your diet must contain fewer caloric calories. This has to be done over an extended period. If you’re in a constant calorie deficit your body will begin to reduce the deficit first by using carbohydrates, and later stored fats. It is this way that you can lose weight gradually but steadily.

What is the best way to know exactly how many calories you should consume per day? In this situation, some created a free calculator. Simply find out what calories are available to help you achieve your goal. Or you may click here and read more on supplements like Active Keto Gummies.

It is important to determine how many of the foods you’re allowed to consume in order to avoid consuming too many calories. You can start immediately by downloading a calorie-counting app to your smartphone. You can’t just believe you’re not going to eat enough calories. The information is too misleading.

Avoid drinking calories

Often, drinks contain unnecessary calories. Although you may already be aware that coca cola is not healthy, many don’t realize that just a 200ml glass contains 80 calories. Other soft drinks, such as juices and sodas also contain the same number of calories.

These calories are usually sugar-based, causing your insulin to rise and fall quickly. It leads to cravings. In most cases, the desire to drink more than one glass is also present.

Drink less if you really want to reduce weight in the abdomen. Black tea and black coffee still contain only 2 calories in 100ml.

Consume foods that will last your body longer

Do you ever think of hunger when thinking about losing weight? It’s not necessary to be hungry if you approach it correctly. With the right food, you can lose weight and not be hungry. To achieve this, you will need to eat primarily two kinds of food.

There are also foods rich in protein. Although proteins contain the same amount of energy as carbohydrates do, they must be converted into energy by your body. The body uses energy to digest this, which is more than it does for carbohydrates or fats.

Every day, eat vegetables. The vegetables are high in fiber and vitamins and have very few calories. Our Daily Vitamins can help ensure you get enough vitamins.

Weight loss on the abdomen with and without Training

You need to do the right type of training if you want to lose weight around your stomach. There is no need to limit yourself to a single type of training. In combination with the diet tips above, exercise in general will eliminate waist and stomach fat. Let’s now look at 3 training methods that are particularly effective.

Do not think that only working your abdominal muscles will help you lose weight. Fat mass is not transformed into muscle, but gradually broken down. The right exercise and sufficient protein are required to build muscle.

Endurance sport

Running, cycling and swimming, as well as other endurance sports are proven to be effective in helping you lose weight. The great thing about running, cycling and swimming is that many people already own a bike or have their running shoes. To get started, you don’t really need anything more.

These two sports, swimming and cycling, are especially easy on the joints. They are also recommended for people who are overweight. In comparison to the other sports, running or jogging trains the body the most.

It is a good option for beginners because the moderate intensity training allows them to begin training without much inhibition.

It is not a good idea to start with a high intensity because the calories consumed will be low. You will reach your goal if you persist and increase intensity. Losing weight around the abdomen will be no problem.

Exercises that Increase Your Heart Rate

The acronym HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval training. You do different exercises here, mostly using your own weight or relatively small weights. Within a brief time period, you perform as many repetitions and raise your pulse as high as possible. You take a small break afterward before the next exercise.

A workout of this type can be completed in as little time as 15 minutes. It is highly effective. The reason is that the pulse rate during an endurance workout is significantly higher. This is because your blood circulation takes much longer to reach its usual level. It is called the “afterburn” effect.

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