Why Does a Tesla Scratch Easily and What Can You Do to Prevent it

tesla scratch

Tesla has reinvented the driving experience worldwide with its cutting-edge technology and highly efficient cars. These electric cars are one of the best globally and offer the best range in their class. Teslas also have some quirky features, which make them a fun vehicle.

The exterior and interior of the car are designed in a minimalistic fashion with clean lines over the dashboard and on the exterior. These clean body lines enhance the bulkiness and looks of the car.

However, while Teslas are one of the best electric cars in the market, they have gained quite a bad reputation for their paint quality. The paint’s quality is not particularly bad, but it is prone to scratching more than other cars.

Why do teslas scratch more easily?

Tesla is an environment-centric company as they try to use as many environmentally friendly products as possible. So, instead of using acrylic polyurethane (enamel), Tesla uses water-based paint. Water-based paint on a car might look good initially, but it fails to stand the test of time. Over time, you will notice scratches on your Tesla as the water-based paint is weak against atmospheric elements. So, it is best to get the Tesla ceramic coating to add a layer of protection to the vehicle.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are chemical polymer solutions that can blend with your car’s paint to make the surface hydrophobic. It adds a layer of coating to your vehicle, so your original factory paint remains untouched by the elements. You might think it is just like waxing your car, but that is not the case as it is a much more permanent solution than waxing.

Moreover, it does not matter if you live in a humid or hot environment; the coating can stand the beating from the atmosphere owing to its chemical composition.

How can a ceramic coating protect your car?

1. Protection from Harmful Environment

Over the years, the harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your car’s paint, and it can especially harm the roof of the car. However, Tesla does not have any paint on the top since it has a glass roof, but the paint on the bonnet might start to chip after a couple of years. Ceramic coating will protect your car from the effects of UV rays and prevent chipping.

2. Water Repellant

Moisture might stick onto your car’s surface, which might leave permanent marks on the exterior or even cause rust build-up. Meanwhile, when you get Tesla ceramic coating, you make the car’s surface hydrophobic which will make the water slip right off of the surface.

This makes it a lot more convenient for you to clean the car since most dirt or water-based grime will wipe off the surface with just a cloth.

3. It Makes the Car’s Exterior Look More Appealing

The original paint job might seem glossy, but the gloss might wear off after a certain period. But, if you apply a ceramic coating on your Tesla, then the water-based paint on your Tesla will shine bright.

So, drive your Tesla to the nearby detailing shop and get a ceramic coating on your car to protect the water-based paint.

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